Ind. State Representative: More Gun Laws won’t Cut Violence

Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas (R-Seymour) gets it.

Via the Indy Star:

There are about 33,000 deaths by firearms each year, or about 1.3 percent of the 2.6 million deaths every year in America. The vast majority of these, over 21,000, are suicides. America ranks past the middle of industrialized nations in suicides and behind dozens of countries with very strict gun laws or even outright bans, proving the ineffectiveness of gun laws in preventing suicides. The next major category of gun deaths is homicides, which the FBI reports about 8,500 and are committed by people with no regard for life or law, and the remaining 3,500 are tragic negligence of a firearm. There are no gun laws that will have an affect on any of these categories.

While these stories tug at our emotions and help to sell media, the facts show gun homicides have been steadily decreasing for years and are down by 50 percent since 1993. This is in spite of record purchases by everyday people who are waking up to the fact a firearm is their best means of self-defense against those who wish to harm them. As an elected official, I will be continuing in my fight to expand and protect our gun rights, while pushing to hold people accountable for their actions.

If people and the media are truly committed in decreasing gun deaths, they should be intellectually honest enough to push for gun safety classes in our schools and to help educate people about the safe handling of a firearm. We also must recognize where the majority of these gun crimes are occurring and who is committing them. Innocent, rational people are tired of being misled and vilified for exercising their constitutionally protected gun rights, and the continued crusade against our gun rights is based on fear mongering and deception, and definitely not the actual facts.

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