Illinois man fights off racist attackers with concealed handgun

Len Wells for Evansville Courier & Press reports:

No charges are expected to be filed against a Fairfield, Illinois, man who shot two men Sunday morning on a remote country road in Wayne County….

Erick B. Paula, 26, told police he shot the two men in self-defense after an earlier confrontation over racial remarks at a party. The two men, driving a black sport utility vehicle, cut off Paula’s vehicle as he was driving home about 3:30 a.m.

….Statements to police indicate the two men got out of their car, approached Paula and demanded to fight. Paula told the men he didn’t want to fight and that he had a concealed-carry licensed and was armed.

When the two men demanded Paula give up his weapon and engage in a fist fight, he pulled his .22 caliber gun and fired 10 rounds at the two, emptying the gun’s clip, according to the report. Paula told police the two men were about a foot from him when he opened fire.

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