Illinois bill would pave way for assault weapons bans

In the wake of a recent court ruling on the legitimacy of the assault weapons ban in the city of Highland Park, Illinois, Sen. Julie Morrison has introduced legislation to allow cities to ban assault weapons. Karen Berkowitz for the Chicago Tribune reports:

The measure is not likely to be taken up during the remaining weeks of the Illinois General Assembly’s spring session, but could be considered next year.

In 2013, the Illinois General Assembly rewrote the state’s gun laws to allow gun owners to obtain permits to carry concealed weapons after the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the state to do so.

The resulting legislation gave municipalities a short window in which to enact local bans before eliminating their ability to prohibit assault weapons….

Senate Bill 2130 would strike the language in the state’s concealed carry gun law that invalidated any bans on assault weapons enacted after the deadline.

This legislation has drawn opposition from local Second Amendment advocates. Read the full story at the Chicago Tribune.