IBT: Al Sharpton anti-‘gun violence’ campaign ‘Occupy The Corners’ launches In New York City, New Jersey, other cities

Aaron Morrison for the International Business Times reports:

After encouraging months of protests against police brutality around the country, the Rev. Al Sharpton is again turning his focus to the gun violence that plagues urban and minority communities during the summer. Sharpton, president of the New York-based National Action Network, announced Friday the locations for his “Occupy the Corners” initiative, an annual community action that enlists residents and volunteers to patrol their neighborhoods at night.

In several New York City locations, as well as a city in New Jersey, Sharpton has designated neighborhood captains to stand with residents at “hotspot” intersections from 9 p.m. to midnight Fridays and Saturdays. The leaders are expected to “engage youth, share resources, and have solution-driven conversations about ways to eliminate violence,” according to NAN.

Critics of Sharpton have long complained that he puts too much emphasis on the behavior of police while neglecting the violence perpetrated by members of the community. NAN said it “hopes to begin a cycle of stronger community engagement that will thereby help to eliminate violence” with the Occupy the Corners project.

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