House Republicans move to prevent Adminstration’s attack on gun rights of Social Security recipients

Chris Eger for reports:

Republicans in the House launched a two-pronged attack this week to derail a reported White House plan to scrap the gun rights of up to 4.2 million on Social Security.

A plan detailed last week could see those who receive Social Security or SSI benefits and have a representative payee assigned to handle their finances reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, effectively making them ineligible to possess firearms.

This has brought quick action from members of the House majority who have both penned a cautionary letter to Carolyn Colvin, the acting commissioner of Social Security, and introduced legislation to block such a move.

“Providing information on individuals who have a representative payee to the NICS is a broad overreach of authority and violates beneficiaries’ constitutional rights,” reads the letter sent by 19 powerful House Republicans. “This policy runs counter to the aims of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – the 25th anniversary of which we will celebrate this week – and would stigmatize seniors and people with disabilities and isolate them from society at large.”

….Tuesday also saw a bill proposed by U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham, R-La., that would prevent the names of some SSA beneficiaries who are unable to manage their own affairs to the be forwarded to the NICS.

Abraham’s measure, the Social Security Second Amendment Protection Act, would severely limit any reporting requirement made by the SSA.

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