Hillary at Commander-in-Chief Forum: Gun Control Part of Fight Against Terrorism

Because disarming Americans will somehow stop the terrorists…

Via Breitbart:

During MSNBC’s September 7 Commander-in-Chief Forum, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested more gun control is part of the fight against terror attacks in the United States.

She did this after forum host Matt Lauer brought up “terror attacks on our soil.”

Lauer asked, “Would your message as the next President of the United States — or potential next president — be … that we are simply living in the reality that those attacks will happen? And can you guarantee people that, after four years of a Clinton presidency, they’ll be safer on the streets of San Bernardino or Boston than they are today?”

Clinton responded by saying that she will “do everything in [her] power to make sure that that’s the result.” Then she added, “But I’m not going to promise something that I think most thinking Americans know is going to be a huge challenge.” She tried to highlight the size of the challenge by focusing on what she sees as the necessity of an “intelligence surge” and efforts “to combat ISIS online, where they recruit.” And she spoke of engaging ISIS in “the arena of ideas.”

Clinton then said that “here, at home, for goodness sakes, we have to finally pass a law prohibiting people on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy a gun in the United States of America.” This is a reference to the “no fly, no buy” law that Democrats have been pushing since the December 2 San Bernardino terror attack, although neither of the San Bernardino attackers were on any kind of list.

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