Guns shows highlight states’ differing laws on firearms

It’s amazing how gun laws vary even between bordering states. Matt Drange, for the Center for Investigative Reporting, writes:

The Cow Palace has hosted the Beatles, The Who, the Rolling Stones and Nirvana, but on a recent Saturday afternoon, the cavernous hall near San Francisco was echoing with the piercing sound of stun guns….

At the Cow Palace, all of the guns on display were secured with large plastic ties, rendering them inoperable. The pens used to fill out the free raffle cards are zip-tied, too, a jab at California’s strict gun laws. It’s an extra layer of security that isn’t found 230 miles away at another Crossroads gun show three weeks later in Reno, Nevada….

People walked out of the Nevada gun show carrying new weapons, some stopping to examine them again in the parking lot. In California, no one left with a gun – you can’t legally take possession of one without first passing a background check at a licensed gun store.

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