Guns do belong on campus

Not all scholars are convinced of the effectiveness of gun-free school zones. Yesterday, Nova Southeastern University law professor, Randolph Braccialarghe, wrote to the Miami Herald sharing his thoughts on the logic behind gun free schools:

Florida Statute 790.06(12) prohibits students, faculty and employees, even those with concealed-carry permits, from possessing firearms on college campuses. A bill to repeal this statute made it out of both the House and Senate Judiciary committees, but was never brought to the Senate floor for a vote.

The well-meaning but na├»ve assumption behind the current law was that colleges would be safer if potential victims were disarmed and campuses declared gun-free zones. The defect in this wishful thinking is that criminals do not obey laws, and when only the law-abiding are disarmed, schools (Columbine, Sandy Hook), universities (Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech), military bases (Ft. Hood), and movie theaters (Aurora) become free-fire zones for killers….

….The best way to deter a potential killer is to let him know that his intended victims also may have guns. It just takes one person who is able to point and shoot a gun to stop a bad guy who is trying to shoot up a school.

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