A Giuliani Cabinet Appointment Would Mean Confusion for Senate Republicans

Would you support Giuliani for a cabinet position even though he has historically been a gun control advocate?


President-elect Donald Trump is rumored to be considering Rudy Giuliani for a cabinet position, a move that has onlookers questioning how Republicans in the Senate will vote for him, given their voting record on President Obama nominees with similar views on gun control.

Giuliani was the mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001, and was a big gun control advocate in those years. He’s gone back and forth on elements of the issue, but as recently as July, he snubbed the NRA, saying he supported gun bans for people on the terror watch list. Now, he’s rumored to be Trump’s top pick for Secretary of State.

The Republican controlled Senate would have to confirm Giuliani next year. And their standards for Obama nominees the last eight years have involved a pro-gun test. It’s unclear if Senate Republicans will hold to that test, or defer to the party’s new head of state.

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