Washington Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Wins in Landslide

Another brick in the West Coast Wall of Gun Control


A ballot referendum to establish Extreme Risk Protection Orders was overwhelmingly approved by voters in the Evergreen State after a $4 million campaign by gun control advocates.

The lengthy 21-page proposal, I-1491, will allow a family member to file a petition with the court for a judge to decide if a subject poses a threat to themselves or others. This could lead to an order prohibiting firearms possession for up to one year, and could be renewed annually. The subject of the order can request a hearing once a year to rescind the order while those filing false petitions would set themselves up for a criminal penalty.

Just over half of Washington’s registered voters made it to the polls and, of those who cast ballots, a full 70 percent voted to approve the gun control measure which was extremely popular along the deep-blue I-5 corridor and less so in the rest of the state. Seven of the state’s 39 counties, all far removed from the Sea-Tac urban centers, rejected I-1491.

Taking point on I-1491 was the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the front group for a 2014 measure fueled by huge influxes from billionaire tech gurus and national gun control groups that led to universal background checks in the state.

In a repeat of that campaign which saw millions fed into the engine to push through to voters, AGR was able to raise $4.1 million for I-491 according to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission. This came largely from Everytown, venture capitalist Nicholas Hanauer, Microsoft co-founders Steve Ballmer and Paul Allen, and Seattle philanthropist Ann Wyckoff.

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