WaPo Ranks ‘Gun Control’ as Winning Political Issue in 2016

It worked so well for Hillary…


The Washington Post ranked gun control as a winning issue for Democrats after last year’s election saw ballot initiatives pass in three of the four states they were proposed, but recent happenings may undermine that success in at least one state.

Nevada passed an expanded background check bill in November, but last week the state’s top cop called the new law unenforceable. Nevada attorney general Adam Laxalt is the most recent in a long list of critics who claim that the bill is at its core untenable and would ultimately cause more problems for law abiding gun owners while doing nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns.

Supporters of the bill claim that local law enforcement officials have a responsibility to work with the FBI in order to find a solution and implement the law, as it was narrowly approved during the election, but a number of sheriffs across Nevada have already said they would not enforce the initiative.

Along with the law in Nevada, new gun laws have also passed in California and Washington. California will now require its citizens to pass background checks in order to buy ammunition, which has recently caused a spike in ammunition sales throughout the state.

The state of Washington passed an initiative that will, according to the Washington Post, allow the courts to “temporarily take away firearms from people thought to be at risk to themselves or others.” The bill has been criticized by the ACLU for violating due process, as the burden of proof will rest on the shoulders of the accused to prove they are psychologically fit before they can once again own a firearm.

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