Waco biker shootout update: 475 weapons, only 44 shell casings recovered

Chris Eger for provides an update on the specifics of last month’s biker shootout in Waco, Texas:

The event that erupted on May 17 left 9 dead, 18 wounded and 239 detained, prompting a massive police response that included local, state and federal agencies.

Authorities with the Waco Police Department late Friday provided an update into progress made thus far in the search for answers to just what happened that day.

“As of this release, there are a total of 44 shell casings recovered from the Twin Peaks scene. This number does not include the revolver rounds fired by non-law enforcement shooters,” advised the update.

…This contrasts with reports earlier this week from an eyewitness, a Marine, who told local media he heard a small number of pistol shots, followed by a “barrage” of “overbearing suppressing fire” by M4 assault rifles used by the police.

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