Vermont now 41st state to allow civilian ownership of suppressors

Chris Eger for reports:

Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a Fish and Wildlife bill last week that included language to legalize suppressors and repeal one of the oldest bans in the nation on the devices.

The bill was introduced to the House in February as a standalone measure before being rolled into larger Senate economic development package and finally into the House F&W measure which passed the legislature with broad support. Vermont’s prohibition on silencers and suppressors predated the National Firearms Act.

The legislation, signed by Shumlin on June 17, was introduced by Rep. Pat Brennan, R-Colchester, who championed the devices for safety and target shooting.

While Brennan’s initial proposal allowed for their use in hunting, that reform has been stripped over concerns by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department of poaching. Further, use of the devices by civilians will be limited to “sport shooting ranges.”

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