Tannerite chief responds to ATF safety advisory on exploding targets

Chris Eger from reports:

Following a warning issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on the potential dangers of misusing exploding targets, spoke with Tannerite’s CEO, Dan J. Tanner.

When asked for comment Thursday, Tanner, head of Tannerite Sports, the company most often associated with binary reactive targets, was candid about the safety of his products.

“Factually, there has never been an injury by shooting Tannerite as recommended on all written and published literature and instructions,” Tanner said.

…However, this has not stopped lawmakers from attempting to pull exploding targets off the shelves. A little-known measure in Louisiana last year to regulate large quantities of binary target indicators the same way as high explosives, was made law by Gov. Bobby Jindal.

“Tannerite is already regulated. Its use is limited to a long range shot-indicator, for personal use non-commercial shooting exercise only,” Tanner said.

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