PA lawmaker seeks to reboot overturned pro-gun law

Chris Eger for reports:

The controversial Pennsylvania law that allowed the NRA and other groups to haul municipalities to court over local gun laws is soon to have a modified replacement introduced.

That original measure, Act 192, was signed in October by Gov. Tom Corbett (R) and allowed third parties to sue cities and towns over gun codes stronger than what the state already had in place.

Termed the “strongest firearms preemption statute in the country” the law saw city gun ordinances fall across the Keystone State while Pennsylvania Democrats fought the measure in the courts, ultimately seeing it overturned in June.

Now one of the original backers of the law last session, Rep. Mark Keller, R-Perry, has announced plans to reintroduce the measure. Keller contends the state Commonwealth Court took exception with that fact that Act 192 came to law as part of a scrap metal bill, but otherwise found it lawful.

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