Ohio group plans civil disobedience of Cleveland’s new gun laws

Chris Eger for reports:

In violation of a new city ordinance banning the sale of firearms without informing police, a gun rights group is planning to make their voices heard even if it results in being arrested.

Earlier this year the city passed a series of anti-gun measures. These included establishing a gun registry similar to those used to track sex offenders and requiring the reporting of both personal firearms transfers and lost guns to the police. This led to a prompt lawsuit against the city citing violations of Ohio’s preemption laws.

Going a step past litigation, Ohio Carry, a state gun rights organization, is planning to assemble at City Hall the day the ordinance goes into effect and engage in a little civil disobedience by conducting private party sales without informing the Cleveland Police Department.

“This event is to show not only the city of Cleveland, but any other city in Ohio who might be thinking of doing the same– that we will not comply with illegal laws; that we will not be bullied into compliance for political agendas,” Ohio Carry President Brett Pucillo told “This is our civic responsibility, and we will make our voices heard.”

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