NV. Question 1 Campaign’s ‘Healthcare Coalition’ Grows

The anti-gunners are lining up even more groups to take your rights…


Five groups joined the Question 1 campaign’s Healthcare Coalition Monday, citing the public cost of gunshot hospitalizations as a top reason for requiring background checks on private firearm sales and transfers in Nevada.

State data compiled by Everytown for Gun Safety in December 2015 shows Nevada hospitals spent $246 million on firearm injuries between 2005 and 2014. Public insurers and charities — with Medicaid leading the way — covered 54.5 percent of those costs. Two-thirds of injuries were classified as “assaultive,” meaning “deliberately inflicted by one person on another.”

In a statement released by Nevadans for Background Checks Monday, Nevada State Medical Association Executive Director Catherine O’Mara agreed studies “suggest” background checks reduce gun violence and will help “reduce the financial burden on the healthcare system.”

“NSMA acknowledges that Question 1 alone may not prevent all instances of gun violence,” O’Mara said. “This common sense measure which recognizes the right to lawfully and responsibly own a gun, will improve public health by closing the background check loophole.”

NSMA was joined in its support by the Nevada Public Health Association, the Crisis Call Center, the Nevada Psychiatric Association and the Service Employees International Union, which represents 17,000 healthcare and public service employees statewide.

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