NJ Watchdog Agency Urges Expanding Ammo Purchase Database, Upping Fees

An agency in NJ wants to make it harder and more expensive to obtain ammunition.


The New Jersey State Commission of Investigation released a report Wednesday arguing the state’s tracking of ammunition sales is “antiquated and ineffective” and needs revamping.

The SCI, the Garden State’s independent watchdog agency, looked into how ammo was sold in the state in 2006, which they credit with legislation that passed in 2008 criminalizing the transfer of handgun ammunition to anyone who does not have valid firearms purchaser identification card (FPIC), handgun carry or purchase permit. Now, 10 years after their first investigation and with the law on the books for most of that period, they feel more can be done.

“Commission investigators recently tested that law, however, and found that while it does make it more difficult for anyone not a gun owner to legally obtain bullets, the measure does not nearly go far enough to ensure that ammunition sales are free from abuse,” noted the nine-page report to Gov. Chris Christie and legislative leaders.

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