More Maine Voters Cast Ballots in Gun Referendum than for President

Maine voters turned out en masse to defeat Michael Bloomberg’s funded gun control measure.


In the only state that saw an anti-gun voter referendum defeated this year, Mainers showed up in greater numbers than to decide the fight for the White House.

This election cycle saw five different ballot initiatives make it to the polls across the nation as a result in a $33 million push by gun control advocates. When the smoke cleared the only one that was defeated was in Maine, where voters rejected a campaign to expand background checks to include most gun transfers – paid for in large part by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

While the state has voted Democrat in every presidential election since 1992, and kept that record intact this month by selecting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, more voters cast their ballot in the gun referendum than for chief executive.

As reported by the Portland Press Herald, 754,857 votes were cast for and against Question 3 — the gun control measure — with voters by a 52 percent margin selecting “No.” That’s about 2 percent more than the 741,550 recorded in the presidential race.

This was despite a UNH poll taken the week before Election Day that found only 43 percent of those surveyed were opposed to the measure.

The defeat of Question 3 preserved another Maine voting record — saying no to campaigns financed by out of state gun control interests to change local law. Ballot referendums in 2014 and 2004 to modify bear hunting methods in the state bankrolled by the Humane Society of the United States failed by similar margins as the Bloomberg effort.

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