Massachusetts gun shops redefine business after assault weapons ban

Massachusetts gun stores are learning to retool their business plans as they working their way through the measure Attorney General Maura Healey imposed upon the state last month. Healey’s issued the directive that banned all AR-15s and AK-47s, which sparked protests all across the state. Via

Per the measure, any vendors who continued selling the so-called “copycat” firearms violated the ban and could face fines, prison time and/or lose their Federal Firearms License.

Greg Malany, owner of GFA ArmsTec, said the outright ban sent his shop into utter chaos as he had only a few hours to move his remaining inventory.

“There was no warning,” Malany told The Milford Daily News. “It came completely out of left field.”

While Tombstone Trading Company moved residual inventory into online sales to out of state residents, Guns-Inc told they are concentrating on other firearms moving forward.

“We will concentrate on handgun sales more instead of the combined semi-auto rifle and handgun sales,” Kensall Knapik, owner of Guns-Inc said in an email.

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