Gun lock laws proposed in New York, Delaware

Chris Eger for reports:

With a Supreme Court challenge to mandatory gun lock laws rejected, cities and states are moving toward implementing similar requirements to lock or disable firearms not in use.

Proposed this week is a bill in the Delaware House of Representatives and an ordinance in front of the Albany Common Council in New York that would require gun owners to secure their firearms under penalty of law.

“Really, who I hope to address with this are those people who are now going out to go buy guns who are not part of the NRA, who have not gotten the training, but buy guns and forget that this is a really dangerous instrument and they really have to do everything they can to protect it and not just leave it on their table or leave it in their glove compartment,” said Delaware state Rep. Michael Barbieri, D-Newark, of his bill introduced Tuesday to the opposition of the National Rifle Association.

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