GOP resisting Obama’s executive abuse with ‘gun riders’

Brendan Pringle for reports:

Republicans are fighting back against the Obama administration’s utter disregard for the Second Amendment. As the appeal of gun control legislation continues to lose its luster, GOP lawmakers are pushing to reverse numerous controversial gun regulations from the the administration through a bill to fund the Justice Department (DOJ).

According to The Hill, these provisions include blocking the DOJ from banning military-style assault rifles and high-powered bullets for handguns, and collecting data about certain gun sales. Republicans are using appropriations riders to make the DOJ’s funding “contingent on federal authorities following these rules.” The bill easily cruised through the House by a 242-183 tally.

It’s no secret that President Obama has been reckless in his abuse of executive actions. Back in January of 2014, Obama boasted, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.” While he wasn’t directly referring to gun-related executive orders with this comment, he has never failed to take advantage of tragic shootings to advance his gun control agenda. With Congress (and majority of Americans) against him, President Obama has resorted to executive action to accomplish his gun control agenda.

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