Fort Wayne, IN Moves to Strike Gun Free Zones in City Parks to Comply with State Law

Good news out of Indiana.


In a 6-3 vote Tuesday, the Fort Wayne Common Council agreed to strike language from the city’s code that kept legal guns out of local parks.

The debate over changing the local ordinance in the second largest city in Indiana began with a proposal from Republican 4th District Councilman Jason Arp to the nine-member council earlier this month. Arp told the local ABC affiliate it was an effort to get the city to comply with Indiana’s 2011 firearms preemption law that forbids local regulation of guns.

He also made a case for self-defense with a gun, which were banned from the city’s 90 public parks.

“When you look at the statistics, rape has gone down substantially because of firearms,” said Arp. “A firearm actually allows a 100-pound woman to defend herself against a 200-pound assailant. I’ve got children — little girls — and when they grow up I want them to be able to defend themselves and do so in public places.”

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