Constitutional Carry Bill on Deck for Indiana

Indiana looks to be the 12th state to adopt such a measure.


An Indiana lawmaker wants to try again to pass legislation that would repeal the state’s current concealed carry permit program in favor of free and lawful unlicensed carry.

With at least 11 states adopting measures to enact so-called Constitutional carry, Republican state Rep. Jim Lucas thinks he has the momentum to advance similar legislation when the session begins next year.

“To me it’s immoral and even it is criminal … to force an innocent person to jump through hoops and pay money to the state to prove their innocence and exercise a constitutional right,” Lucas told WTTV.

Lucas, who represents the Seymour area, proposed legislation last year when only four other states had such laws. Text of the new bill is not available, but his past legislation repealed numerous sections of Indiana’s carry law and replaced them with language that grants anyone legally entitled to possess a handgun the right to carry it concealed.

With some 753,974 permits issued as of Oct. 1, Indiana has one of the highest rates of lawful concealed carry in the nation and has ballooned from the 570,712 in circulation when Lucas first proposed his bill in 2015.

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