Campus Carry Criticisms Based on Faulty Assumptions, Gun Advocates Say

Of course the anti-gunners get it wrong.


One prominent gun violence researcher said he believes campus carry laws only “invite tragedies” and will do nothing to prevent mass shootings or reduce crime.

Except, that’s not the reason why supporters even want the ability to bring firearms onto college campuses. It’s simply, they say, a matter of self-defense.

Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research and lead author of “Firearms on College Campuses: Research Evidence and Policy Implications,” argues colleges are “ill-suited to gun possession” and claims research proves armed civilians aren’t good at stopping mass shootings…

…Michael Newbern, assistant director of public relations for Students for Concealed Carry, isn’t buying it.

“This study makes several claims with respect to our arguments for campus concealed carry that are just not true,” he told Tuesday. “Nowhere in our testimony, calls to action, website, or Facebook page will you find Students for Concealed Carry citing reductions in crime and/or mass shootings as justification for campus concealed carry. We have always contended campus concealed carry is about allowing a licensee the ability to practice on campus the same method of self-defense we enjoy off campus.”

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