Businessman sets his sights on Chicago’s first gun shop

An Illinois businessman is moving forward with plans to open a firing range and gun shop in Chicago, and if everything goes as planned, it will be a first for the Windy City.

While Chicago had what some would describe as Second Amendment wins in recent years, with restrictions finally letting up on concealed carry and firearms dealers, the city still has no place for gun owners to practice their skills or make new purchases. The closest gun shops are located in the surrounding suburbs, but Irving Park resident Christopher O’Connor aims to change that.

“Right now, there’s nowhere to do this in the city. There’s a definite need for this,” O’Connor said in an interview with DNAInfo, adding that the people of the city have a right to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

O’Connor’s plan for the Firearms Defense Training Center includes a full-service range, gun shop, training and consultations. He said gone are the days of “dank, dark, smelly spots with shelves and shelves of guns,” indicating that his new endeavor will have the feel an Apple store, rather than that of a traditional gun shop.

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