Arms expo won’t comply with Washington’s background check law

Chris Eger for reports:

An event that bills itself as a “liberty market and gun show” set for this weekend plans to allow active non-compliance with ballot Initiative 594, the state’s controversial expanded background check law.

Organizers for the Arms Expo 2015, scheduled for Yakima June 20-21 describes the event as a constitutional gun show and has made clear that the reach of the Evergreen State’s new gun law stops at the door.

“Private sales and vendors of guns, supplies, and food will be welcome. We encourage commercial vendors to refuse unconstitutional laws and background checks, and encourage patriots to support those bold vendors as well as buy from each other in defiance of lawless legislation,” reads the event’s website.

“We will be exercising what I would refer to as constitutional sales where there’s no background check of any sort,” organizer Sam Wilson told Oregon Public Radio.

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