Air Force to allow more guns on bases to counter active shooters

Last week the U.S. Air Force issued guidance to base commanders that will lead to more guns in the hands of more current and former service members on base.

Under the new measures, as outlined in a Jan. 20 release from the service, base commanders are free to utilize three different programs to suit their own unique needs with the end-goal of saving lives in the event of a mass shooting.

“We looked at active-shooter incidents across the country and there are statistics out there that show where many ended without police intervention because there was somebody there who had a concealed carry permit or somebody interdicted the active shooter,” said Maj. Keith Quick. “These programs allow commanders the ability to arm additional trained Airmen who could interdict before police arrive and are trained to stand down when police arrive.”

The three programs, Unit Marshal, Security Forces Staff Arming and Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act have a narrow scope each relying on military personnel who are pre-approved and given special training.

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