Gun rights protests near NJ State Senate President’s home spur proposed restriction in W. Deptford

Angelo Fichera for The Inquirer reports:

Twice this month, gun proponents took to Nottingham Road in West Deptford to protest outside State Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s home.

The protesters wielded signs, some bearing the face of a South Jersey woman killed this month, as they asserted that Sweeney, a Democrat, was to blame for tight gun restrictions in the state.

But that type of demonstration would be prohibited in West Deptford if an ordinance introduced Wednesday night by the township committee gains final approval.

The proposed ordinance, supported by the three Democrats on the five-member board, would overhaul a loitering ordinance approved in 1971 and regulate picketing in residential areas.

 The measure would ban “picketing that is targeted at and is within one hundred (100) feet of the property line of a residential dwelling.” Targeted picketing beyond that distance, it states, would be limited to no more than 10 people for “one hour every two weeks.” Those intending to conduct such a protest would need to notify West Deptford police 24 hours beforehand.
Critics said the measure would infringe on constitutionally protected free-speech rights.
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