Gun Grabbers in WA, OR Aim to Build a ‘West Coast Wall’ of Gun Control

For all the debate and vitriol in politics these days about building walls and divisiveness, gun grabbers are more than happy to co-opt this political rhetoric to achieve their own civilian disarmament goals.

Anti-gun groups Washington Ceasefire and Ceasefire Oregon have joined forces in an effort to “Californicate” their respective states by adopting the same radical regulations on magazines and bans of semi-automatics that California elitist politicians have already imposed on their constituents.

Their ultimate goal: a “West Coast Wall” of draconian and oppressive gun regulation that they hope will spread across the rest of the country like wildfire. In fact Penny Okamoto of Ceasefire Oregon recently told the media that, “Creating a West Coast wall of California, Oregon and Washington is necessary…” when discussing a new gun control push.

To impress upon us that they are going to win the battle for our gun rights, the two groups point to research provided by Everytown for Gun Safety, the nefarious anti-gun group that produces anti-gun research and gets anti-gun politicians elected that’s financed by the diminutive New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Completing the reality-distorting feedback loop, Washington Ceasefire and Ceasefire Oregon feel bold enough to make these declarations and posture against law abiding people of the Pacific Northwest thanks to Bloomberg-owned anti-gun politicians and propaganda.

Washington Ceasefire is so emboldened by the millions Bloomberg has already spent on lobbyists, political contributions and well-heeled public relations firms, they’ve actually disclosed their scheme.

“We’re not under any illusion that the assault-weapons ban is going to solve all of our problems,” (Washington Ceasefire) said, as noted by the Seattle Times, “but it is low-hanging fruit, the kind of action that has the greatest chance of succeeding.”

Ceasefire Oregon and Washington Ceasefire plan to use recent tragedies and the groundwork already laid by New York billionaire Bloomberg to elect anti-gun politicians and pass anti-gun initiatives to seal off the entire coast from the rest of the United States and its Constitutional rights with their “West Coast Wall”

It is our job to tear it down.