Gun control laws emphased in Wisconsin Assembly

Andrew Hahn for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

The state Assembly is expected to reload Wisconsin’s gun control laws Tuesday, taking up bills to repeal the state’s waiting period to purchase a handgun, increase minimum sentences for some gun-related crimes and allow licensed former cops to carry concealed firearms into schools.

The first bill would eliminate Wisconsin’s mandatory 48-hour waiting period to purchase a handgun, a law that Rep. Scott Allen (R-Waukesha), a lead sponsor of the repeal, said restricts the rights of gun owners without reducing gun violence.

Allen said a main reason Wisconsin enacted the waiting period was to accommodate the time that it once took to perform a background check. That can be done in minutes with today’s technology.

“The antiquated waiting period law simply creates an unnecessary burden on law-abiding citizens wishing to exercise their right to purchase a handgun,” Allen said.

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