Gun bans aimed for some Nashville, Memphis parks despite law

Tennessee recently passed a law that prevents bans on the rights of individuals to carry firearms in public parks, but Dave Boucher for the Tennessean reports:

City officials in Nashville and a massive event organizer in Memphis say they plan to still prohibit guns at certain parks, despite a new state law that nixes any bans on people with permits taking guns to public parks….Gov. Bill Haslam initially opposed the bill, but recently signed a changed version while asking cities and counties to monitor what the law means for their parks….

….Metro Director of Law Saul Solomon said he thinks the Metro legal department found a solution. “We’re in the view that we can probably prohibit weapons in the new amphitheater,” Solomon said Tuesday.

He acknowledged the property is a public park, but said he thinks the new law shouldn’t apply to the amphitheater. That’s because the law references taking guns to areas owned, used or operated by a local government “for recreational purposes.”

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