GOP and Dems introduce gun bills to address domestic abuse, but from different perspectives

Hank Kalet for reports:

As the tragic mass shooting in Charleston once again revives the national debate over gun laws, legislators in New Jersey — which has some of the strictest gun regulations in the country – are focusing on the specific issue of domestic violence and firearms.

Bills that would increase penalties for convicted abusers and include new offenses under the definition of domestic abuse — are working their way through the Legislature, apparently with bipartisan support.

But two other pieces of legislations are predictably pitting advocacy groups against each other. While advocates and lawmakers agree that there should be that the all-important goal is ensuring the safety of victims, how that should be accomplished is what’s being debated.

Pro-gun groups are calling a Democratic proposal (S- 2886), which would make it easier to take away guns from abusers, an infringement on gun rights that punishes those accused but not necessarily convicted of domestic violence.

The bill is supported by gun-control groups and advocates for domestic-violence victims, who say the best way to keep victims safe is to keep guns out of the hands of abusers.

A Republican proposal, which would give priority review to domestic-abuse victims seeking gun permits, is supported by gun groups and opposed by the gun-control community.

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