Fusion: Mexico Considers New Gun Laws to Arm its Citizens Against Violent Crime

A Mexican Second Amendment?

Via Fusion:

Mexico doesn’t have much of a gun culture but the country could be on the verge of a heated debate on the right to bear arms.

A Senator from Mexico’s conservative National Action Party (PAN) is backing a bill that would reform the Constitution to allow firearm possession inside private businesses and vehicles. The proposal also seeks to allow bus drivers, cabbies, truckers and other transportation operators to carry firearms to protect themselves, their merchandise and their passengers.

“The Mexican Constitution already allows citizens to possess certain firearms inside their homes, and we simply want to extend that right to other places,” Jorge Luis Preciado, the Senator leading the gun rights reform, told Fusion.

Preciado says most Mexicans don’t report crime because they don’t trust the authorities. He says his reform initiative, which he intends to formally introduce in the Senate this week, was born out of the inability of Mexican institutions to uphold the rule of law.

“We are in the midst of a very complex situation and we are simply arguing that if the State cannot protect us then it should at least allow us to defend ourselves,” he said.

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