Texas attorney general says professors face discipline if they ban guns

Texas’s new CCWs law allowing concealed carry in college buildings found itself its latest ally in Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paxton filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit from three professors seeking to block campus carry and alerted other anti-gun educators that they may face disciplinary action from preventing others from exercising their Second Amendment rights.


College professors in Texas could face disciplinary measures if they prohibit handguns to be brought into their classrooms, state Attorney General Ken Paxton said Monday.

Paxton filed a motion this week to dismiss a federal lawsuit brought last month by three professors at the University of Texas at Austin seeking to block the campus carry law, which took effect Aug.1.

Texas has allowed licensed concealed handguns in public since 1995 but had previously made college buildings off limits.

“Faculty members are aware that state law provides that guns can be carried on campus, and that the president has not made a rule excluding them from classrooms,” attorneys representing the university and Paxton wrote in the legal brief. “As a result, any individual professor who attempts to establish such prohibition is subject to discipline.”

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