Fox News: College rifle, pistol-shooting clubs under fire, underfunded amid gun debate

College rifle teams are feeling marginalized and criticized from their peers at universities from the recent anti-gun rhetoric from the mainstream media and politicians.

Zoe Callaway enjoys going to the rifle range to blow off steam, help fellow University of Delaware students learn gun safety and hone her sharp-shooting skills, but lately she and some classmates feel they are being targeted over their enthusiasm for firearms.

Callaway, who grew up around guns and is president of the school’s Students for the Second Amendment club, first sensed the campus-wide opposition to her hobby when the group applied for an extracurricular grant for ammunition. They were denied, then appealed and eventually received a $500 stipend. The victory was short-lived, however, as outraged students successfully pressed school officials to explicitly prohibit ammo funding going forward.

“The majority of our student body does not support our group,” Callaway told, adding that classmates perceive members of the club as “crazy gun kids” who intend to “shoot up the school.”

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