Fox 2: Women Propelling Gun Sales to All-Time Highs

Gun sales continue to grow.

Via Fox 2:

FBI figures show the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is running more checks than ever before. Nearly 25 million background checks will have been completed by year’s end.

By proxy, that means more guns being sold than before and local shops say their sales are getting better every year.

A key group driving sales – women.

Women are helping propel firearm background checks and gun sales to an all-time high.

Steve King, owner of Metro Shooting Supply, says it’s astonishing how fast women are getting locked and loaded.

“If I could open a new store it would cater to women and self-defense and it has been growing the past five years,” he said.

King says they have shooting lessons everyday and not only are the classes full, but women make up 80 percent of the class.

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