Fox 11: San Bernardino supervisor: Residents should carry guns to prevent terror attacks

First district supervisor Robert Lovingood says he wants to arm all eligible citizens in San Bernardino county…. Especially county workers.

In light of the mass shooting terror attacks at the Inland Regional Center, Lovingood is urging local San Bernardino residents to sign up to get their concealed carry handgun licenses and carry their guns for self-defense to possibly prevent another shooting attack.

Lovingood recently wrote an article for the Opinion section Victorville Daily Press on January 22nd and stated the need to have more people trained – and armed with guns:

“San Bernardino County has increased Sheriff’s security patrols and strengthened private security at County buildings. Those are good first steps. But we need to expand protections across all of our communities. Empowering the people to protect themselves is a good place to start.”

“That’s why I am advocating for a policy change to allow volunteers among the County’s workforce to be trained and authorized to carry concealed weapons and have access to weapons at County facilities. If the Board of Supervisors were to adopt this policy, these volunteers would undergo training and background requirements to obtain a concealed weapons permit issued by the Sheriff under state law as well as additional requirements.”

“Among these volunteers within the County workforce, we should start with those with prior military service. They have already proven themselves in weapons training, practice and in many instances have combat experience. The temperament and grit that comes with military service adds to their value as first-line defenders.”

He also states for private citizens and residents:

“Furthermore, I am encouraging responsible, law-abiding citizens to consider applying for a concealed weapons permit through your local Police Department. Residents can apply online through the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Applicants must be at least 21 and complete a California Department of Justice application, residence history form and employment history form. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate “good moral character” and undergo fingerprinting, a personal interview with law enforcement and a background investigation.”

Lovingood wanted everyone to know that this was “not a call for vigilantism”, but in fact a call for self-defense under the law.

“Gun-free zones can’t provide protection from killers. And killers are the problem, not good, honest, responsible people who are armed. When every second counts, well-trained, armed citizens can save lives. In the recent surge of terrorist stabbings in Israel, the government encouraged citizens to carry firearms under the law. That has been an effective deterrent.”

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