Forbes: Sean Parker and 4 Other Billionaires Back Winning California Gun Control Proposition

Billionaires hijacked democracy and the Second Amendment.

Via Forbes:

A California ballot measure to strengthen gun control laws supported by five billionaires passed with 63% of voter approval on Tuesday night.

Proposition 63 requires Californians to get a permit in order to purchase ammunition and requires dealers to check the permit before selling ammunition. The ballot initiative follows California legislation passed in July 2016 to regulate the sale of ammunition by requiring that vendors have a one-year license to sell ammunition. According to state filings, $5.3 million was donated in support of Prop 63, while just $871,151 was donated in opposition.

Napster cofounder Sean Parker, whose net worth FORBES estimates at $2.4 billion, donated $400,000 to Proposition 63 in July, according to state filings. He donated far more–$8.9 million–to support marijuana legalization.

Hyatt Hotel heir Nicholas Pritzker II donated $250,000 to Proposition 63. FORBES estimates Pritzker’s net worth at $1.4 billion. Pritzker also donated $900,000 to legalize marijuana in California and $100,000 to Proposition 57, which passed Tuesday night and loosens parole laws for nonviolent offenders in California.

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