Forbes contributor: mandates for gun technology are stupid

Frank Miniter, a contributer for Forbes, writes:

The Handgun Trigger Safety Act introduced on June 2 by Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) is designed to be a smart political tactic—it even tries to mandate we use “smart guns”—but it is anything but smart.

….Smart guns are an emerging technology. Some use biometric scanners, others require the user to wear a Bluetooth bracelet, and some ideas on the drawing board even require someone to receive a microchip implant that, if the system doesn’t fail, unlocks the gun.

To see how stupid this mandate would be just walk into any gun store and look in those glass cases at all the handguns now available….There are so many different makes, models and configurations that, if you don’t know much about guns, you’ll need a lot of help to understand what their differences are and what they’re specifically designed for.

Now, practically speaking, how are gun companies supposed to fit and retro-fit (The Handgun Trigger Safety Act says they must do this) a new, unproven and emerging technology that locks these guns electronically to all of these guns?

Also, why would a consumer, someone who is likely purchasing a handgun to protect themselves, want to put the unreliability of a battery-powered new technology in a nearly flawless mechanical instrument?

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