Florida Today: Convicted home invader, shot by homeowner, gets life in prison

J.D. Gallop for Florida Today reports:

A 27-year-old Melbourne man with a lengthy criminal history has been sentenced to life in prison after police said he organized a military-styled home invasion that ended with him being shot by a homeowner.

A jury convicted Bobby Lee Culler last week on charges of armed burglary of a dwelling with a firearm and aggravated assault in connection with the July 10, 2013 home invasion of a residence on Pepper Avenue. Police believe the robbers may have thought there were drugs or money in the home.

…Police said Culler and three other men donned masks, armed themselves with weapons and dressed in all black before creeping up to the home for an entry point.

That night, the homeowner’s dogs began barking at the sliding glass door and one of the victims in the home saw three men walking inside the residence. The woman immediately tried to shield her child on a couch. One of the masked men then pointed a black handgun at her that was equipped with what appeared to be a silencer, police reported. The homeowner heard the commotion and pulled out his own weapon and emptied the magazine in the direction of the would-be armed robbers, reports show.

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Once again, a homeowner successfully protected his family from criminals with ill-intent, because he had access to a firearm.