Examiner.com: San Francisco pier slaying: Another gun control failure?

Dave Workman for the Examiner reports:

While [Friday]’s big news about the slaying of a woman on a San Francisco pier Wednesday involved the illegal immigration history of suspect Francisco Sanchez, at some point the conversation should focus on how a man with a reported “rap sheet with seven felonies” allegedly got his hands on a firearm in a state with mandatory background checks on all transfers.

The short answer: It’s yet another failure of gun control laws that were pushed with the intimation — gun prohibitionists have wised up enough to never outright promise that their restriction schemes will actually accomplish something — that such crimes would be prevented. Nowadays, these schemes are peddled on the grounds that they will “help reduce gun violence.”

…when did a restrictive gun law ever prevent a determined felon from getting his hands on a firearm? Restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens never prevented criminals from doing anything.

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