Domestic violence gun policy hits Dallas County

Dallas County has recently begun implementing a new policy hoping to help limit gun violence. Dallas’s KFDA NewsChannel 10 reports:

A new policy being implemented in Dallas County is allowing law enforcement to confiscate guns from convicted abusers, subjects of permanent protective orders, and anyone seeking bond or probation for a family violence case…..

The policy allows offenders to turn in their weapons to the DFW gun range or give them to an eligible third party.

Owner of Erwin’s Pawn Shop David Erwin, says he does not think Texans will take well to the new program for many reasons.

“It could cause a problem today, especially if somebody has hand me down guns from their great grandfather whatnot and that would be a problem. I don’t think people would want to turn those guns in,” says Erwin.

Battering Intervention and Prevention Coordinator Kathy Tortoreo says this is simply a preventative measure.

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