Detriot Free Press guest writer: make the right decision about guns in schools

Kristen Moore, a guest writer for the Detroit Free Press wrote this short opinion piece on the increasingly controversial school safety debate. Her stance is consistent with many other gun-control advocates, who continue to forget that violent criminals usually don’t care about what the law says. She writes:

Guns have no place in schools. The rights of my children to learn in a safe and nurturing learning environment should not be trumped by those who insist on carrying loaded firearms into schools. Many educators strongly oppose guns in school.

Some people argue that guns are necessary in schools to stop school shootings. Is that where we are as a country? The solution to stopping school shootings isn’t allowing more guns into our children’s classrooms — it’s keeping guns away from dangerous people in the first place. Rather than waiting to stop gun violence until the moment it reaches the classroom, why don’t we take a proactive approach? Let’s keep guns out of dangerous hands with comprehensive criminal background checks. Let’s teach safe storage techniques for firearms, so guns don’t fall into the hands of irresponsible people.

If you’re interested in reading the rest of her piece, you can find it at the Detroit Free Press.