David Rosman: Defining responsible gun laws is very tricky

David Rosman a columnist for the Missourian writes:

I do not want to take guns away from the citizens of our state or nation. That is a fool’s errand at best.

….Hillary Clinton wants to do what the president has been unable to do in his two terms: have “sensible gun laws” passed. She does not say what those laws look like.

“We can have common-sense gun reforms that keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the violently unstable while respecting responsible gun owners,” she said.

But how?

As much as I advocate mandatory firearms training, I do not believe it would have prevented the shootings we have seen in Charleston; Newtown, Connecticut; Waco, Texas; or Tyrone, Missouri. Nor would a mandatory waiting period have stopped it.

I believe more and better mental-health facilitators and doctors might have prevented a few of these incidents, but not all…This is a much more complicated problem than simply restricting the types of firearms and size of magazines permitted or establishing mandatory waiting periods or training.

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