Daniel Defense Dealing with Low Inventory Problem

There is a Daniel Defense drought. People are picking up the premium firearms at incredible rates, and have caused a run on the rifle.

Via Guns.com:

Daniel Defense said it will increase production to meet demand after customers expressed frustrations over the lack of product availability in stores and online.

The rifle company is attacking the low inventory problem head-on, phasing in new measures over the past nine months. Director of Marketing Communications Thomas Carlson told Guns.com in an email that Daniel Defense ramped up the new process in stages to ensure quality did not suffer.

“Our primary focus has always been quality over quantity, and we have stuck to this belief even through our ramp up,” Carlson said. “Because of this, we have done the ramp up in stages of buying new equipment, bringing on new material suppliers, and hiring more staff, this takes a little longer if we wish to maintain out high quality standards.”

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