Cyprus Creek Mirror: Carry Gun, Receive Discount at BBQ Business

There is a place where Houstonians can get BBQ at a discount simply for exercising their right to openly carry their gun. The BBQ trailer located in the parking lot with ACE Hardware and Kroger on FM 529 is owned and operated by Trent Brooks. He opened the food trailer in 2009 after he lost his job. Brooks’ Place BBQ is a popular smokehouse trailer located in Cypress that awards its’ customers a 10 percent discount for carrying their gun to the establishment.

“We support the second amendment. We want to reward those who protect themselves, businesses, families, and neighbors,” said Brooks. “I’m a business man, not a politician. It’s not a political thing.”

Brooks believes that it is important for citizens to exercise their rights to second amendment rights to bear arms. The owner says people openly carry, come and support his business on a daily basis.

“We felt the need to show our customers who carry guns our appreciation, so we offered them a discount, and people utilize that discount everyday,” said Brooks.

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