Cronkite News: Giffords, Kelly Bring ‘Vocal Majority’ Gun-Control Tour to Washington

Giffords is on the warpath to elect Clinton.

Via Cronkite News:

In the five years since then-Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was critically injured in a Tucson shooting that killed six and wounded 13, Congress has been unable to pass gun reforms, her husband said Thursday.

That’s why Giffords and her husband, Capt. Mark Kelly, joined other gun-control activists in Washington to demand reform from Congress and encourage voters to elect lawmakers, beginning with the White House, who will enact what they call sensible gun safety laws.

For Giffords and Kelly, that starts with electing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“With Hillary in the White House, she will sign legislation into law and we will no longer have to live in a nation that has 33,000 people dying every single year from gun violence,” Kelly said.

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