Cops Won’t Comply: CA Legislature Creates Second Class Cops

AB 2165 creates second class cops, while continuing to shaft Californians who just want to purchase safe, modern handguns.

Via Cops Won’t Comply:

Let me preface this by saying I absolutely abhor the California “Safe Handgun Roster.” It is the biggest, multifaceted scam ever perpetrated in the name of “gun safety” during my lifetime. The law has absolutely nothing to do with safety whatsoever, and is instead a way to 1) limit the number of guns available to law abiding citizens, 2) a way to extort money from firearms manufacturers and 3) a way to turn the citizenry against the cops. I freaking HATE this law and it needs to be repealed in full.

Now, with that out of the way, let me start by saying I know what prompted this bill (AB 2165). In fact, I wrote about the situation back in February of this year. A number of CA agencies were trying to purchase Gen 4 Glocks for their new hires. Those agencies were already carrying that exact gun and just needed to buy a few more to equip new employees. However, Kamala Harris decided that the previous exemption granted these agencies (such as the Alcoholic Beverage Control) were no longer valid and they could no longer buy the same gun they were already carrying. The agencies took the issue to the legislators who promised to fix it.

The resulting “fix” appears in the form of AB 2165. The legislators have corrected the problem as far as all law enforcement agencies, or officers at those agencies, being able to purchase these supposedly “unsafe” guns. However, their “fix” manages to create a second class cop because those cops, unlike me, cannot sell that “unsafe” gun to anyone who is not also exempt from the law. As a deputy sheriff, I am legally able to sell an off-list gun that I no longer want or need to anyone who can legally own a gun. For that matter, the average person (not a cop) who moves to California and brings in their own off-list gun when they move here, such as a Gen 4 Glock, which is totally legal, that person can also sell that Gen 4 Glock or any other “unsafe” gun they legally own to anyone else in this state who can legally own a firearm. Essentially, the CA legislature has actually taken rights away from certain cops, rights that both other cops and civilians still maintain.

I find myself amazed at the volume of stupidity so frequently exhibited by the California State Legislature. I previously thought thought this level of idiocy unreachable. Leave it to California law makers to prove me wrong, yet again.

Once again, they are creating laws that are not equally applied to all residents of the state. This is yet another reason that I Will NOT Comply.