Common thread in Aurora, Lacey: gun control failures

Do gun control laws really stop criminals from committing violent crimes? Dave Workman with reports:

As the murder trial of accused mass killer James E. Holmes continues today in Colorado, court proceedings against the 16-year-old who faces charges for firing a couple of shots at North Thurston High School Monday has begun, and coverage of both cases lacks a single mention of the common thread they share: Gun control law failures.

Holmes, facing a possible death penalty if he is convicted of multiple murders, is a text book example of the futility of gun control to prevent such crimes. He passed multiple background checks. The crime scene, a theater in Aurora, was a so-called “gun-free zone.”

Meanwhile, down in Thurston County, the teen who capped off two rounds from a .357 Magnum reportedly stolen from home, may face charges that, according to the Daily Olympian, include firearm theft, possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful discharge of a firearm. Those are all gun control laws, passed with the full support of social do-gooders who now are unusually quiet about the inability of their pet statutes to prevent the crimes they intimated would be prevented.

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